2007 ACB Offseason Review

The ACB regular season is set to kick off this weekend, so here is a summary of this summer’s player movement.

I’ve elaborated a bit on the key additions and subtractions made by last season’s 8 playoff teams, but just gave a brief summary of the offseason moves made by the other 8 continuing teams (2007-2008 teams which did not move up from Spain’s 2nd division, LEB Oro).

Real Madrid

Last season’s ACB champions return all their key players. By adding Greek center Lazaros Papadopoulos they have put themselves in an excellent position to repeat, as well as to compete in this season’s Euroleague Final Four Championship, to be held in Madrid.

Key Subtractions

-Marko Tomas (to Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada)

Tomas was sitting right on the edge of the rotation last season, competing for minutes with Luis Bullock, Charles Smith, and Alex Mumbrú. With that kind of depth at the swing positions, Real shouldn’t miss Tomas too much in the short-term. He was the worst performer of the four. However, at only 22 years old he has real potential to develop into a very good player down the road.

Last season Tomas was an efficient scorer on a limited volume of shot attempts: 57.94 eFG% and 59.02 TS% on 9 FGA/40min. He’s also got a great build (6-8 195 or 2.01 88) and is a fluid athlete who can match up with just about any wing player on the defensive side. His combination of explosiveness and ball-handling skills gives him real potential as a playmaker. Unfortunately, he managed only 1.5 ast/40min and an assist rate of 11.02 last season.

-Eduardo Hernández-Sonseca (to DKV Joventut)

A pretty solid young center (24 years old), but was expendable for the year with Lazaros Papadopoulos in the mix. So Real lent him to DKV Joventut for the season. Nothing really stuck out about his performance in 06-07. He was a below average rebounder, and isn’t much of a scoring threat. He’s not much of a passer (7.22 ast-rate) and coughs it up regularly (18.05 TO-rate).

-Jerome Moiso (to DKV Joventut)

Moiso joined Real for its playoff run. He played under 10 mpg, but provided a long, athletic defensive presence inside when he was on the floor. His offensive game is fairly limited and he can be a TO waiting to happen. Not a huge lose for Real, although his athleticism could have been a nice weapon to have behind an already stacked frontcourt.

Key Additions

-Lazaros Papadopoulos (from Dynamo Moscow)

One of Europe’s top centers. Truly an all-around player who does almost everything well. An excellent passer and strong defender, as well as a scoring threat in the post. The big greek will join Finals MVP Felipe Reyes and long Belgian big Axel Hervelle to form what should be the ACB’s most well-rounded frontcourt. His passing should benefit Reyes, with his rugged post game, as well as Bullock, the Allen Iverson of Spain.

-Michalis Pelekanos (from

26 year old swingman plays for the Greek National Team, although he was its most seldom used player in Eurobasket 2007. Should replace Marko Tomas and get about 15 mpg, but will have a hard time beating out Bullock, Smith, or Mumbru for more playing time.

Conclusion: Real is as deep and talented as any team in Spain, and even on the continent. They did lose some depth this offseason, but adding a well-rounded center to the best offense in the ACB (114.6 Oeff) makes them the team to beat.

AXA FC Barcelona

(Formerly known as Winterthur FC Barcelona.)

With his shooting touch and quickness Juan Carlos Navarro is a pretty rare talent, the kind of player it’s hard to just go out and replace with one guy. Then again, Rudy Fernandez came pretty close to becoming the one man replacement, as FC Barcelona made a real push to sign the versatile 2 guard. When Rudy signed a 4 year extension to stay with DKV Joventut, Barca was smart enough to bring several new backcourt and wing players in, each of whom has different strengths.

Key Subtractions
-Juan Carlos Navarro (to Memphis Grizzlies)

This is obviously a huge loss for Barca. He led the ACB in scoring (17.3 ppg) and was one of its sharpest perimeter shooters: his 44.62 3 pt.% was good for 4th in the league on the most attempts in the league last season. Barca had last season’s 3rd ranked offense (112.4 Oeff) with ‘La Bomba’ leading the way, but they are still left with several strong scorers including PG Jaka Lakovic, new wings Alex Ackers and Ersan Ilyasova, and bigmen Fran Vázquez, Denis Marconato, and Jordi Trias.

-Michalis Kakiouzis (to Cajasol)

Was the odd man out in a talented frontcourt which includes Fran Vázquez, Denis Marconato, and Jordi Trias. The 30 year old Greek PF will get a chance at more playing time and a larger role for the retooled Cajasol team this season. Kakiouzis is a capable scorer with range out to the 3 pt line (32.76% 3 pt shooting last season). Seeing as none of Barca’s other bigmen have much of a perimeter shot, Ersan Ilyasova might see some time at the 4.

-Rodrigo De Le Fuente

De La Fuente has great touch from outside (46.81% 3 pt shooting last season), and is an exellent passer at the SF spot (19. ast-rate and 7.6 TO-rate). Barca will undoubtedly miss his efficiency, but must have felt that between Acker, Ilyasova, and Morandais they were upgrading the position.

-Roko Ukic (to Lottomatica Roma)

The 23 year old backup PG was replace by veteran Pepe Sánchez. While Ukic has tons of upside, he was unhappy with his role (15.68 mpg) and Bacrelona might be better off with a veteran PG as Jaka Lakovic, not a “pure” PG to begin with, will likely be asked to pick up a lot of the scoring slack left behind by JCN. Ukic is a better shooter than Pepe, and at a long, athletic 6-5 (1.95 m) was an imposing defender. Ukic is leaving the ACB, but is moving to Italian Euroleague team Lottomatica.

Key Additions

-Pepe Sánchez (from Unicaja)

One of the best playmakers in the ACB (39.43 ast-rate), but also one of the worst shooters (39 eFG% 42 TS%). Also a strong rebounder (5.5 reb/40min). The former Temple guard should provide Barca with veteran leadership as they look to avenge last season’s finals loss. Will also allow Lakovic to play off the ball and play more of a scoring role.

-Alex Acker

Acker played well for Greek powerhouse Olympiacos last season. His outside shot isn’t as consistent as it could be (31.8% 3pt in last season’s Euroleague), but his overall game is well rounded. He has strong guard skills and is a solid rebounder. Put up 14.3 ppg in the Euroleague last season, and has a chance to continue his development in Barcelona.

-Ersan Ilyasova (from Milwaukee Bucks)

The lanky Turkish forward is only 20 years old and the sky’s the limit as far as his potential. He still has yet to prove himself at a high level professionally, having sat on the edge of the Bucks’ rotation last season and playing only a small role for Fenerbahce Ulker in the 2005 Euroleague. He’s got a strong perimeter game (36.5 3pt%), but struggled to convert closer to the basket in the more physical NBA game (38.3 fg%). He’s going to have to compete with newcomers Alex Acker and Michel Morandais for playing time, and might fall into the same trap as young Roko Ukic did with Barcelona, a team that’s always in win now mode.

-Michel Morandais (from Eldo Napoli)

The French swingman played his college ball at Colorado. A great athlete on the wing. However, his shot is iffy and his game is a bit unpolished. Given Barca’s depth, he’ll likely have the most success by carving himself a niche as a perimeter stopper. His athleticism may not be maximized on the offensive side, as Barca was the slowest paced team in the league last season.

Conclusion: Barcelona still has a lot of talent, but with several new faces they could be a bit vulnerable with so many talented clubs hoping to make the Euroleague. They brought in some talent on the wing and a good floor general in Sánchez, but only time will tell whether they’ve done enough to replace the volume and efficiency of JCN’s scoring.

TAU Cerámica

One of the top teams in Europe, but lost 2007 ACB MVP Luis Scola to the NBA. Like Barcelona with JCN, TAU has opted to bring in several potential replacements for the Argentinian bigman. To continue last season’s success, a top 4 finish in both the Euroleague and ACB, TAU needs both a big contribution from its newcomers and a strong year from center Tiago Splitter.

Key Subtractions

-Luis Scola (to Houston Rockets)

A huge loss. Scola was TAU’s franchise player and the league MVP. He and Tiago Splitter were probably the best starting frontcourt in the ACB and helped lead TAU to a #4 finish in the Euroleague. Some of TAU’s other players will have to step up in Scola’s absence, but TAU still has a good shot in both the ACB and Euroleague even without its Argentinian star. Young Bosnian PF Mirza Teletovic has a shot to step up at PF, but TAU also brought in veteran American PFs Will McDonald and James Singleton.

-Fred House (to Pamesa Valencia)

Plays a similar enough game to Igor Rakovic that TAU shouldn’t miss him too much. Still, House was a very solid combo guard for TAU with a strong shot from the perimeter (44.32 3PT% and 59 eFG%) and solid playmaking abilities (15.39 ast-rate).

Key Additions

-Coach Neven Spahija (from Maccabi Tel Aviv)

The Croatian coach comes over from one of the premier international clubs in the world, Maccabi Tel Aviv. Maccabi finished 4-2 in their Euroleague Top 16 group, losing the group to…TAU. A bit ironic that he’ll be leading the Basque club this season.

-Will McDonald (from MMT Estudiantes)

McDonald led 9th place MMT Estudiantes in mpg, ppg, pts/40min, rpg, and reb/40min last season. He should do a lot to help ease the loss of Scola’s inside scoring and hold his own on the boards. Unfortunately, McDonald was one of the worst passers in the ACB last season with an ast-rate of 3 and an assist/TO rate of 0.21. He’ll have to improve those numbers dramatically if he hopes to hold off Teletovic and Singleton and help TAU repeat as the ACB’s winningest regular season team.

-James Singleton (from L.A. Clippers)

Singleton spent two seasons as a role player for the Clippers. He’s known mostly for his toughness and rebounding, but can also put it in the basket at an efficient rate as he proved during the Clippers’ 2006 playoff run.

-Pete Mickeal (from Taegu Tongyang Orions)

SF was TAU’s biggest weakness last season, and playing Zoran Planinic there may have been their best option. Mickeal comes back to Europe from South Korea, after having excelled in Greece previously. The American forward is a potent scorer who averaged almost 20 ppg for Makedonikos BC in the 2004-2005 ULEB Cup, while also grabbing just over 7 rpg.

Conclusion: Scola was their best player, but TAU still has a well constructed team. It’s backcourt is stacked with Pablo Prigiano, Igor Rakocevic, and Zoran Planinic. That’s easily on par with Real, Barca, and DKV Joventut. TAU should be able to compete in both the ACB and Euroleauge, but some players are going to have to step up to replace Scola’s all-around dominating game.

DKV Joventut

DKV beat Gran Canaria before losing to Real Madrid in the second round. Coach … loves to push the tempo (1st in the league in pace), but they need to work on their offensive efficiency (10th in the ACB last season). DKV’s biggest move of the offseason was retaining star SG Rudy Fernandez, who Barca was going after hard as a replacement for JCN. Losing Rudy would have completely changed the complection of DKV’s offseason. By keeping him, they should remain one of the league’s better teams.

Key Subtractions

-Charles Gaines (to Galatasaray)

Undersized PF was one of the best rebounders in the ACB (12.07 TRB/40min). His departure should allow 22 year old PF Dmitry Flis to play a larger role this coming season. Unfortunately, Flis is still about half the rebounder Gaines is (6.37 TRB/40min). Flis is, however, a very efficient scorer. Long and athletic, Flis has a chance to develop into a very good PF down the road, but in Gaines DKV has already given up a strong player at the position. While Gaines excelled close to the basket (59% 2 pt shooting on 12.57 2PA/40min), Flis has a stronger perimeter game (52% 3 pt shooting on 3.18 2PA/40min), but also does good work down low (50% 2 pt shooting on 9.81 2PA/40min).

-Elmer Bennett

The veteran floor general’s departure opens the way for 16/17 year old phenom Ricky Rubio. Bennett was a poor shooter and solid playmaker (24.46 ast-rate), but the 37 year old veteran was already being outplayed by a 16 year old Ricky Rubio last year. His playmaking was expendable for a backcourt which features Rubio (28.58 ast-rate) and Rudy (16.24 ast-rate).

-Paco Vázquez (Bilbao Basket)

The 33 year old shooting guard wasn’t going to see too much burn with Rudy in front of him. Just an average shooter and playmaker (52.38 TS% and 12.74 ast-rate). Shouldn’t be terribly missed in the all-wunderkind backcourt.

-Andrew Betts (to Cajasol) and Robert Archibald (to Azovmash)

I often had to look at the numbers on the jersey to tell these two apart. While they’re both a bit stiff, they were a solid platoon at the 5. They split time fairly evenly, as Betts got around 20 mpg and Archiblad 17. Both were strong rebounders who grabbed just over 9.5 boards per 40min. Archibald was a more prolific scorer (18.68 pts/40min to 14.09), but their efficiency was remarkably similar as both shot 52% from the field. Both blocked about 1 shot per 40min. Two lumbering centers might not have been a good fit for DKV, but they were both solid players and Joventut took a risk by letting them both leave.

Key Additions

-Eduardo Hernández-Sonseca (1 year loan from Real Madrid)

While Hernández-Sonseca struggled to distinguish himself in Real Madrid’s loaded frontcourt, he’s got a great opportunity to establish himself on a strong team in Badalona this coming season.

-Jerome Moiso (from Real Madrid)

Putting a rangy, mobile athlete like Moiso at the 5 seems like a wise move for an uptempo team like DKV. He’s a good shot blocker and rebounder (2 blk/40min and 16.4 reb-rate in his NBA career), which should help to start DKV running as well as help replace the void left by the departures of Gaines, Betts, and Archibald. He should also get some good looks close to the basket playing with DKV’s two young playmaking guards. Putting a rangy, mobile athlete like Moiso at the 5 seems like a wise move for an uptempo team like DKV.

-Demond Mallet (from RheinEnergie Cologne)
6-1 (1.86) American combo guard was an All-Star in Germany. Gives DKV a different look at the PG position. Can bring scoring off the bench behind “pure PG” Ricky Rubio.

-Jan-Hendrik Jagla (from Turk Telekom)

German 7 footer with a perimeter oriented game (the poorman’s Dirk) had a strong showing in Eurobasket 2007. He hit 8 of 14 3-pointers (57.1%), but what was impressive was his board work (13.8 TRB/40min and 5.63 ORB/40min). Jagla should be a great fit for DKV’s quick hitting offense, but he’ll have to compete with Jerome Moiso and Eduardo Hernández-Sonseca for minutes at the 5.

Conclusion: DKV got considerably younger, and added talent around Rudy and Ricky that’s more consistent with its uptempo style. They should have a strong season in both the ACB and the Euroleague.

Akasvayu Girona

After finishing 21-13 last season, good for 5th in the league and a playoff birth, Girona has made some big changes. The Catalan club was able to add two solid bigs to the frontcourt to complement its emerging young pivot, Marc Gasol, while also replacing its inefficient leading shot taker Marko Marinovic.

Key Subtractions

-Marko Marinovic (to ViveMenorca)

The Serbian PG was Girona’s leading scorer last season, but wasn’t a particularly efficient scorer (51.93 eFG%) or playmaker (17.03 ast-rate). He is certainly replaceable, and Girona will likely rely on 23 year old Victor Sada as an in house replacement.

-Gregor Fucka (to Lottomatica Roma)

Girona has almost definitely upgraded its frontcourt by replacing Fucka with Peja Drobnjak and Jackson Vroman. At 36 years old Fucka stood out in no area of the game.

-Dainius Salenga (to Zalgiris Kaunas)

The 30 year old Lithuanian was Girona’s best perimeter shooter, and they’ll likely miss his efficiency.

-Germán Gabriel (to Unicaja)

Spanish bigman with a great touch from the perimeter (42.55% on 3s last season), but has an otherwise limited game. He struggles to score closer to the basket (41.10% on 2PAs)), is a weak passer (5.69 ast-rate), and subpar rebounder (6.59 reb/40min).

Key Additions

-Coach Pedro Martínez

-Peja Drobnjak (from Partizan Belgrade)

7 footer with a good shooting touch from the perimeter and solid rebounding ability should be a great complement to young Marc Gasol.

-Jackson Vroman (from Gran Canaria Grupo Dunas)

The ying to Drobnjak’s yang, Vroman excels at doing the dirty work around the basket on both sides of the ball. Playing for playoff team Gran Canaria Grupo Dunas last season Vroman managed 9.23 reb/40min and 20.18 pts/40min on 57% shooting.

– Román Montañez (from Bilbao Basket)

Last season, Montañez was neither an efficient shooter (49.31 eFG%) nor a playmaker (12.06 ast-rate). He was also weak on the glass (3.44 reb/40min). Hopefully the veteran PG’s leadership can make up for his lack of productivity.

Conclusion: Drobnjak and Vroman combining with Gasol the younger gives Girona a frontcourt that could help carry a weak backcourt, catapolting Girona into the top 4 of the league next season, and into the Euroleague for 2008-2009.

Gran Canaria Dunas

Gran Canaria was one of the best defensive teams in the ACB last season, although it’s offense struggled (13th). The offseason saw two key players head to the mainland, while they replaced them with two promising newcomers to the ACB.

Key Subtractions

-Jackson Vroman (to Arasvayu Girona)

Vroman’s physical play on the blocks will be missed by Gran Canaria. He was a key to their strong defense, strong on the glass, and an efficient scorer who was 2nd on the team in ppg.

-Jimmy Hunter (to Polaris World CB Murcia)

Hunter was Gran Canarias’ leading scorer last season (13.81 ppg). Unfortunately, he was very inefficient (45.78 eFG% and 1.02 PSA), and replacing him with a gunner like Carl English may have been in their best interest.

Key Additions

-Carl English (from Zadar)

A 3 pt. gunner who averaged almost 20 ppg in his final season at Hawaii. Should represent an improvement over Jimmie Hunter on the offensive end, and will likely be expected to carry the team’s weak offense.

-C. Massie (from Palma Agua Mágica)

Physically imposing bigman is a capable scorer and rebounder who’ll be expected to replace the departed Jackson Vroman. Comes up from Spain’s second division were he average about 13 ppg and 8 rpg.

Pamesa Valencia

Valencia had a very strong first round series against eventual champions Real Madrid in which I really wasn’t sure who’d win for the first few games. The most promising development in the series was the development of XX year old forward Victor Claver. At the start of the series Claver played timidly and looked a bit lost on the court, as the games went by he became increasingly confident on both sides of the ball knocking down some key shots and making several impressive plays on the defensive side. Claver is very long and athletic, almost a poorman’s Kirilenko on the defensive side, and also has a good shot out to 3 pt. range. He’s one of the top prospect in the ACB, and his emergence could help propel Valencia into the 2008-2009 Euroleague.

Key Subtractions

-Justin Hamilton (to Charleroi)

A solid PG with a great build and good athleticism, but nothing about his game really stuck out last season. Valencia has a pretty crowded backcourt, so Hamilton is unlikely to be missed.

-Loukas Mavrokefalidis (to Olympiacos)

The 23 year old Greek wasn’t getting much playing time for Valencia, or taking advantage of the minutes he was getting. Like Hamilton he won’t be missed. His signing with one of Europe’s top teams says a lot about Valencia’s overall talent level.

Key Additions

-Shammond Williams (from L.A. Lakers)

Williams is a consistent, if unspectacular, PG. He has a strong shot from the outside (.366 career 3 pt. shooter in the NBA) and is a good distributor (26.0 ast-rate in the NBA with only an 11.3 TO-rate). He’ll give Valencia a real floor general and leader at the point.
-Fred House (from TAU Cerámica)

House is a good combo guard who can both shoot (59 TS%) and make plays to set up his teammates ( and 15.39 ast-rate). House should be able to take some pressure off of Ruben Douglas, who had some of the worst shooting and assist number of any guard in the league last season yet still led Valencia in minutes played. With the additions of House and Williams, you just have to hope that the loser in a crowded backcourt rotation isn’t superefficient young Serbian guard Vule Avdalovic.

-Zeljko Rebraca (from L.A. Clippers)

The Serbian center’s strong post game adds another facet to the Valenica offense. His rebounding has declined with age in the NBA, but maybe he can rediscover it in Spain.

Conclusion: Valencia built on a strong finish to last season with a solid offseason. The team lost very little but will have several new weapons going into this season, and could easily move up 2 or more spots in the standings. Adding Rebraca, House, and Williams to the 6th ranked offense in the league could easily push Valencia into the league’s top 3 offenses. The emergence of Victor Claver, however, is probably the key to Valencia’s chances to compete for an ACB title.


It really says something about the level of competition in the ACB that Unicaja finished 8th in a season where it was 3rd in the Euroleague. Unicaja was clearly unsatisfied with its ACB season, and made some big changes around a core that includes Spanish national team players Berni Rodígruez, Carlos Cabezas, and Carlos Jiménez, Czech wing Jiri Welsch, and Puerto Rican center Daniel Santiago.

Key Subtractions

-Pepe Sánchez (to AXA FC Barcelona)

Barcelona gets a great playmaker, rebounder, and veteran leader, but at the same time Unicaja gets rid of an aging PG who can’t shoot the ball. With Carlos Cabezas already at the point, Unicaja mayh be wise to try out some younger backups.

-Florent Pietrus (to MMT Estudiantes)

Pietrus is a great athlete, but his overall game is raw. He is an incredibly efficient scorer (1.52 PSA 72.3 eFG%), in part because he almost never shoots the ball (5.49 FGA/40min). His athleticism doesn’t do much for him on the glass (6.38 reb/40min), although he is a strong defender and shot blocker (1.71 blk/40min). He’s a poor passer and a TO waiting to happen (6.78 ast-rate and 22.59 TO-rate).

-Ignacio De Miguel (to Cajasol)

One of several fairly one dimensional marksmen leaving Unicaja, but Ignacio, a pretty rangy defender and solid (7.38 reb/40min) was more well rounded then Faison or Tusek.

-Marcus Faison (BC Kiev)

Faison is a great shooter(64 TS% and 1.28 PSA), but the rest of his game didn’t stand out so he was part of the big offseason turnover for Unicaja.

-Marko Tusek (to ViveMenorca)

Center with a great 3 pt. shot, but an otherwise limited game. Like Faison, wasn’t part of Unicaja’s future.

Key Additions

-Marcus Haislip (from Efes Pilsen)

Super-athletic bigman. Should be a real force defensively and on the glass.

-Germán Gabriel (from Akasvayu Girona)

Not sure that Gabriel represents an upgrade over Tusek skill-wise: they both put up similar numbers. Maybe Unicaja just wants to shake up its chemistry.

-Bejan Popovic (from Dynamo Moscow)

Young Serbian PG, 24, will compete with young Polish PG Michal Chylinski, 21, to back-up Carlos Cabezas.

-Davor Kus (from Cibano Zagreb)

The 29 year old wing comes to Spain with a good reputation around Europe, and could be a key member of Unicaja’s revamped rotation.

Conclusion: Unicaja spent its offseason taking talented players off of some of Europe’s best teams, trying to add more well rounded players around its core. There’s no reason Unicaja shouldn’t play better than it did last season. Whether or not they can make it back to the Euroleague for next season remains to be seen. A thin front court may be one factor with limits Unicaja’s upward mobility.
MMT Estudiantes

Finished 9th last year and subtracted their top 2 players in terms of overall minutes played and 5 of their top 7. They did make some talented additions including athletic French forward Florent Pietrus; Larry Lewis, an American PF who can score in bunches; and Slovenian SG Domen Lorbek.

Key Subtractions

-Will McDonald (to TAU Cerámica)

-Marlon Garnett

-Goran Nikolic (to Alba Berlin)

-Iker Itrube

-Javier Mendiburu (to Vive Menorca)

Key Additions

-Larry Lewis (from Etosa Alicante)

-Florent Pietrus (from Unicaja)

-Txemi Urtasun (from Bruesa GBC)

-Domen Lorbek

-Jesse Young (from DKV Joventut)

Conclusion: Estudiantes should be at least as talented as last year, although they may need a few games to gel as a team.

iurbentia Bilbao Basket

(Formerly known as Lagun Aro Bibao Basket.)

Bilbao missed the playoffs by only 2 wins last season. They’ll return much of their core, which includes rebounding and shot-blocking French center Fred Weis and sharp-shooting American swingman Luke Recker.

Key Subtractions

-Román Montañez

– Andy Panko

-Nacho Azofra

-J.A. Antelo

-Ivan Koljevic

Key Additions

-Paco Vázquez

-Quincy Lewis (from Etosa Alicante)

-Marcelo Huertas (from DKV Joventut)

-D Pasalic

-Xavi López

Conclusion: Bilbao made themselves younger and more athletic. Although none of their acquisitions were overly impressive, this team certainly could compete for a playoff spot.

C.B. Granada

Granada was the 5th most efficient offense in the ACB last season, so a defensive upgrade was all they needed for a playoff run.

Key Subtractions

-Scott Padgett

-César Sanmartin

-Jesús Fernández

-Oriol Junyent

-Chris Hernández

Key Additions

-Carlos Cherry (from CSKA Sofia)

-Corsley Edwards (from Banvit)

-Dylan Page (from Drac Inca)

-V Scepanovic (from PAOK Salónica)

-Rafael Vidaurreta (from CAI Zaragoza)

Conclusion: Granada made quite a few changes, we’ll have to see if they can maintain their offensive efficiency while also improving on the defensive end. Corsley Edwards is a tough bigman who could help out Curtis Borchardt with the interior defense.

Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada

Fuenlabrada was a pretty mediocre team last season, finishing 12th in the league with a 14-20 record. They made some big changes over the offseason, including letting some veterans walk and bringing in some very promising young players.

Key Subtractions

-Andrés Miso (to Cajasol)

-Francesc Solano (retired)

-Gerald Brown

-Lamont Barnes (to Climalia León)

Key Additions

-Marko Tomas (from Real Madrid)

-P.J. Ramos (from Criollos de Caguas)

Conclusion: Fuenlabrada added two very promising young players. As they develop, Tomas and Ramos could help turn Fuenlabrada from Madrid’s 3rd team into an ACB power. Unfortunately, because these guys really do have the potential to be top players, they may not be in Fuenlabrada uniforms for their most productive years.


(Formerly known as Caja San Fernando.)

After a disappointing season they retained only 4 players from last season’s roster, adding a lot of talent in the process. Last season, Sevilla’s ACB representatives played at the 3rd fastest pace in the league, but finished only 12th in offensive efficiency. Adding some veterans who’ve played on some strong offenses should help the team to make more of its opportunities.

Key Subtractions

-Hollis Price

-Patrick Femerling

-Demetrius Alexander

-Filip Videnov

Key Additions

-Aaron Miles (from Pau Orthez)

-Andrés Miso (from Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada)

-Andrew Betts (from DKV Joventut)

-Iñaki De Miguel (from Unicaja)

-Michalis Kakiouzis (from AXA FC Barcelona)

-Pat Carroll (from Gravelines)

-Jesús Cilla (from TAU Cerámica)

Tyrone Ellis (from Eldo Napoli)

Conclusion: Chemistry and well defined roles may be a problem with almost the entire roster turning over. However, Cajasol brought in solid role players from around the ACB and Europe, putting the team in a good position to make a playoff run once the team gels. We’ll see if that happens this season.

Polaris World CB Murcia

Murcia was the worst offense staying in the ACB (16th). 35 yaer old French wing Stephane Risacher and 36 year old American Kevin Thompson played the most minutes for Murcia in 2006-2007. They needed to add some firepower, and attempted to do so with American guards Chris Thomas and Jimmy Hunter. One big loss was Marcus Fizer, who dominated last season (he dropped 31 on Barca, 30 on Estudiantes, and 29 on DKV), but still couldn’t help Murcia win.

Key Subtractions

-Marcus Fizer (to Maccabi Tel Aviv)

-Kevin Thompson (to Climalia León)

-Terrell Myers

-Goran Dragic (leased from TAU Cerámica for 2006-2007 season)

Key Additions

-Chris Thomas (from WTK Anwil)

-Jimmy Hunter (from Gran Canaria Dunas)

-Federico Kammerichs (from Bruesa GBC)

-D Fajardo (from Bruesa GBC)

-Jared Reiner (from Milwaukee Bucks)

Conclusion: Murcia made some strong acquisitions and should improve this season. Chris Thomas is a 25 year old American PG with a well rounded game, under his direction the offense should certainly become more efficient. Hunter can carry a large scoring load, but was very inefficient last season. He’s going to have to pick his shots more carefully if he hopes to lead Murcia’s offense from the depths of the league.


Barely stayed in league last season, winning only 12 games to finish the season tied with demoted Etosa Alicante. Went out this offseason and made some big changes.

Key Subtractions

-Sam Clancy

-Nacho Rodriguez (to Grupo Capitol Vallodolid)

-Nacho Yáñez

Key Additions

-Marko Tusek (from Unicaja)

Conclusion: The addition of Tusek may help Menorca to at least stay in the ACB.

Grupo Capitol Valladolid

Like Menorca, finished with the same record as demoted Etosa Alicante.

Key Subtractions

-Bernard Hopkins (to Bruesa GBC)

Key Additions

-Nacho Rodriguez (from ViveMenorca)

Conclusion: Didn’t make any high profile additions this offseason, while also keeping last seasons core largely in tact. One of thier biggest signings was 37 year old Nacho Rodriguez from fellow 12 win Menorca. Last seasons leader in both ppg and mpg, Bernard Hopkins, couldn’t catch on with any first division teams, instead going down to the LEB league with Bruesa GBC. A good candidate to be demoted next season.

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