2007-2008 Stats

The following link will take you to a link providing individual stats for the 2007-2008 ACB season to date


 I’ll be updating this site on a weekly basis throughout the season, and will try to provide a more convenient link. More compehensive team stats and lists of league leaders will be added in the next couple days.

5th Games Review

ACB teams played their 5th regular season games this past weekend. The weekends suprises included previously undefeated DKV getting stomped by Bilbao Basket with MVP candidate Rudy Fernández out, and Unicaja continuing to struggle against 4-1 Granada. Here’s a look at the weekends final scores and the season’s standings to date.

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ACB break out youngsters 2007-2008

Previously, I’ve posted the lists of top prospect in the ACB league and veterans who could help NBA teams right now. Here’s a list of some young guys who are currently blips at best on the international radar, but could become top prospects by season’s end.

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What to expect from Luis Scola

Before joining the Houston Rockets over the offseason, Luis Scola was named 2006-2007 ACB MVP and led his team, TAU Cerámica to top 4 finishes in both the ACB and the Euroleague. Quite simply, he was one of Europe’s best players. In Houston he’ll join one of the NBA’s best teams, 52 wins last season, which retooled its roster over the offseason to compete with the Western Conference’s top teams. Scola will likely start alongside Yao, T-Mac, and Shane Battier, although he could also come off the bench as Chuck Hayes’ back-up.

Other international bigmen playing in today’s NBA who have made the jump across the pond from Europe have found varying levels of NBA success.  They run the gamut from the reigning MVP to benchwarmers on lottery teams. Because the Houston Rockets are a couple strong rotation players away from a ring, NBA fans should be asking themselves where Scola will fit along this spectrum as well as how he fits in on the Rockets.

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ACB Vets who could make an impact in the NBA

As far back as Toni Kukoc and Arvydas Sabonis, established European stars have gone to the NBA and had successful careers on winning teams. This past offseason two guys with that kind of potential, Luis Scola and Juan Carlos Navarro, left the ACB in an attempt to follow the path of Kukoc, Sabonis, Jorge Garbajosa, Anthony Parker, and others. Of course, there have also been several players with similar aspirations who, for various reasons, failed to live up to their potential in the NBA. For example, two of Europe’s more talented guards, Sarunas Jasikevicius and Vassilis Spanoulis, ditched their spots on  NBA rosters for better opportunities here in Europe.

Here’s a look at some guys who will play in the ACB this coming season that have the ability to make an impact in the NBA right now. Of course, they’ll have to find the right situations to avoid the fates of Jasikevicius and Spanoulis.

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Top NBA prospects in the ACB 2007-2008

Here are 10 guys age 24 and under who have been or will be drafted by an NBA, but will play in the ACB this coming season.

Next up I’ll profile some ACB veterans who have either played in the NBA before and have a chance at making Anthony Parker-like returns or guys who have never made the jump to the NBA but have the talent to make a Jorge Garbajosa, Arvydas Sabonis, or Toni Kukoc like impact in the league.

Finally, I’ll look at some of the raw young talent around the ACB. Guys who look like the could develop into solid NBA-caliber players, but have been flying under the radar. 

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2007 ACB Offseason Review

The ACB regular season is set to kick off this weekend, so here is a summary of this summer’s player movement.

I’ve elaborated a bit on the key additions and subtractions made by last season’s 8 playoff teams, but just gave a brief summary of the offseason moves made by the other 8 continuing teams (2007-2008 teams which did not move up from Spain’s 2nd division, LEB Oro).

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Site Introduction

I’m still putting the site together and fixing errors, so if you see any errors or possible improvements please let me know.

One big problem I’m having is finding opponents’ rebounds. This stat is necessary for calculating several individual and team statistics which are currently missing.

I set out to design a site that would analyze the Spanish ACB basketball league: Spain’s first division professional league and one of the top professional basketball leagues in the world. I’m sort of going for a Basketball-Reference meets blog feel. The plan is to provide ACB stats from the 2006-2007 season on, as well as analysis of ACB and and other basketball action.

ACB fans can find advanced statistics which I have had a hard time finding elsewhere. As well as read articles and voice their own opinions about the ACB or anything else basketball related.

NBA fans can check up on the performance of former NCAA and NBA players, veterans transitioning from the ACB to the NBA, and some top prospects whose draft rights are owned by an NBA team or will be entering an upcoming draft. Or just keep up with the ACB league.

Here are the ACB Wikipedia page and league’s official website if anyone wants more information on the league: